Automation kit WU2S for residential two-leaf gate

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Kit for automation of a residential two-leaf gate, each leaf measuring up to 1.8 m in width and weighing up to 200 kg. The most discreet: the very reduced height of the motor (73.5 mm) allows it to be installed between the gate leaf and the ground. By partially burying the motor, the total clearance required is only 60 mm.



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Compatibility with Mhouse PF, the kit for solar power automations, to automate gates without the need for connections to the electrical mains, even in locations far away or difficult to access.

Simple and economic: with WU2S no excavations or structural modifications are needed in order to bury the motor under the gate, so you won’t have to spend money for masonry work.

Guaranteed IP67 water-tightness: extremely sturdy casing made entirely of die-cast sealed aluminium.

No waiting in front of the gate: only 9 seconds to open and close (in perfect installation conditions, making the most of the whole run and with a 90° opening).

“Plug ’n Play” connections: very simple and quick, with easy identification of wires and terminals.

Easy Connection System: ECSBus system for connection of up to seven pairs of photocells using only two wires.

Extra safe thanks to the low-voltage connections (24 V), the safety accessories and the automatic obstacle detection feature.

Auto-programming: WU2S automatically calculates the most suitable operating parameters for each gate.

Autodiagnostic system identifies and immediately signals any connection errors or malfunctions.

Modular control card with integrated receiver:

  • 2 speeds
  • Timed and adjustable automatic closing function
  • Programming of new transmitters 
  • Adjustable partial opening function
  • Pause time adjustment
  • Obstacle sensitivity adjustment
  • Automatic recognition of NC-NO-8.2 KOhm safety devices, if installed.


Quick motor release for manual gate operation.

No black-out: the buffer batteries guarantee up to ten opening and closing manoeuvres even in the event of power outages (accessory).

Small size foundation boxes included in the kit.

Each WU2S kit contains:

2 WU1SK electromechanical gear motors. 3 release keys and foundation/mounting plate included.

2 WUA straight slotted arms.

2 GTX4 433.92 MHz 4 button variable code transmitters. Practical wall rest included in the package.
PH100 Pair of wall-mounted autosynchronized photocells.  FL100 Adjustable flashing light, with built-in aerial.
1 CL2S external control unit for control of two WU1SK electromechanical gear motors with integrated 433.92 MHz variable code receiver.  



Packaging characteristics

Package dimensions 680 x 170 x 400 mm
Package weight 18,25 kg
Palletization 18 pz
EAN code 8032595792352

The content of the package may vary; consult the retailer.

Support films

Step 1: Preliminary checks

► Verify that the product will fit your gate

Step 2: Installation

► Installation of motor
► Installation of photocells
► How they work
Key selector:
► Installation
Flashing light:
► Installation
Command unit:
► Installation

Step 3: Testing and commissioning

► Power supply connection
► Recognition of connected devices
► Recognition of gate leaves' opening and closing angles
► Testing the photocells

Step 4: Adjustment and programming

Command unit:
► Selecting the speed of the gate
► Selecting automatic closing
► Memorization mode 1
► How mode 1 works
► Deletion of mode 1
► Memorization mode 2
Advanced adjustments:
► Pause time
► Partial opening
► Motor force
► Open function


Data sheet

7 kg
100 W
Protection class (IP):
Power supply:
230 V AC
360 Nm
11-17 °/s

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