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Logbook information and warranty

The EU's Machinery Directive requires that every owner of motorized gates keep a log of important events, as well as save other important documentation such as self-monitoring and more.

ABAS provides a free web service ( where all such information can be stored, and where other important information about each machine is available, such as equipment specification, electrical drawings and more.

It is therefore important that we obtain information about the product owner so that we can distribute login information and so that the owner has access to the documentation required by the directive.

The Board's rules stipulate that gates must be inspected by a certified independent inspection body no later than 24 months after commissioning. At the inspection, the inspector shall be given access to the above documentation.

As far as gatekeeping routines are concerned, it is important that the manufacturer's instructions are followed, mainly to:

  1. the owner must be able to show that maintenance has been carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions, if an incident or accident occurs with the gate
  2. the gate must be approved for inspection
  3. the warranty is only valid provided that maintenance has been carried out in accordance with the instructions during the warranty period (see below about conditions for the guarantee)

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