ES50-ES80 Bommar för industri

Bommar för industrin i längder 5000mm.6000mm och 8000mm


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Barriers for industry.
Boom length 5,000mm, 6,000mm, and 8,000mm.
Duty cycle 100%.
Housings made of aluminium, powder coated - 
10 years warranty against rust perforation.

Maintenance mains power outlet for convenient working on site.

Pre-wired terminal row with 2 sockets for loop detectors (1x1-channel plus 1x2-channel), photo-cell connection, switches etc.
Constructively determined shearing points to protect mechanical parts and gearbox against vandalism.
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Usage left or right -
ELKA barriers fit everywhere.

Barrier booms made of aluminium, factory tailored with red reflective stripes and rubber tube on the boom underside.

Closing force control selectable - the boom reverses when hitting a vehicle.

The barrier housings are powder coated - hood RAL 5012, housing RAL 9010. All RAL-colours are optionally available near-term.

TRIACS protect the motor relays - a prerequisite for many million cycles.
Type Boom length / profile Effective boom length Running time
ES 50 up to 5,000 x 100 x 50mm up to 5,140mm approx. 4.0s
ES 50S* up to 5,000 x 100 x 50mm up to 5,140mm approx. 4.0s
ES 60 up to 6,000 x 138 x 60mm up to 6,140mm approx. 5.5s
ES 60HS up to 6.000 x 138 x 60mm up to 6.140mm approx. 4,0s
ES 80 up to 8,000 x 138 x 60mm up to 8,140mm approx. 8.5s
All barriers for vehicle traffic only
* for numerous reversing of the barrier boom.

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